#1 BEST IDEA to Entertain a Toddler

I have to admit, I find the toddler stage the most difficult time when raising children.  For years, I heard from other parents “wait until  you have teenagers…”.  Well, I have teenagers and a toddler – a toddler is MUCH harder in my opinion.  I am speaking mostly about the 18-24 month stage.  Don’t get […]

Toddler Time: Unwrapping

Materials: small toys/objects and tin foil Preparation:  Wrap up the toys and objects in some tin foil.  Place the wrapped objects in a bowl or bucket. Activity: Start to unwrap one of the objects a tiny bit and let the child complete the unwrapping to discover the object.  Once the child learns how to open […]

Toddler Painting

Today we did some painting with water. My little guy is a handful. So finding activities that entertain him in one location for a few minutes can sometimes be a challenge. This activity gets a thumbs up from me. He “painted” for about 5-7 minutes straight which is lengthy for this guy. Thank God it […]