Balloon Fun with a Bicycle Pump

Here is part two of activities with the bicycle pump (see here for Part One – Straw Rockets). After making the straw rockets, the kids realized that you could pump up balloons using the bicycle pump. Not just any balloons, the kinds that you can twist into objects (as you know these are impossible to […]


FREE Santa’s Workshop Download

You can get a free download of printables to set up a great Santa’s workshop this week before Christmas. There are several signs, toy design sheet, reindeer testing and toy testing ideas to get children’s creativity flowing.   Set up the space with a construction area (i.e. blocks, tinker toys and legos), invention area (loose parts, […]

Play Outdoors Flyer

Print this Play Outdoors flyer. Children can tear off the activity ideas for suggestions when they head outdoors. Hang it by the back door to remind the kids (and parents) that children need play time outdoors. Visit GrowingPlay to download the flyer.

Nightime Reflector Hunt

It is chilly here this time of year and it can be hard to think of things to do outdoors with the kids. There is only a dusting of snow on the ground but the grass is covered. Thanks to ActiveKidsClub, we played a super fun game this evening. We modified their suggested hide and […]